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It very good to do good for others whether they appreciate or not. Even if they don't appreciate, God appreciates abundantly either direct or indirect.
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Todo lo bueno que haces se regresa, si haces el bien y ayudas a otros, vas a recibir bendiciones y felicidades.
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Estoy de acuerdo ayudar a otros a superar sus adversidades, nos da esperanza la humanidad perdida y doliente.
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It's good to help one another and especially those who are vulnerable but it shouldn't be done while expecting to be appreciated because sometimes it's misinterpreted by some people and ending up disappointing those giving such helping hand.
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Do good for others. It may come back to you in unexpected ways.

Have ever helped someone out of a bad situation/problem and dissappoint you? What come first in your mind is that, i have stopped assisting people. But my friend i call upon you please don'g stop just have courage to continue assisting many more. Because among those, some will appreciate you physically but God will reward you abundantly in unexpected way.

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