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It's true that we should not stop learning in life. Don't give up but continue with the struggle. Once some thing hurt you never forget what it tonight you and go a head.
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El tiempo es nuestro mejor maestro, nos trae enseñanzas día a día, nunca dejamos de aprender, siempre aprendemos algo nuevo.
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Estoy de acuerdo en todo lo que dice, uno nunca deja de aprender, siempre se aprende algo, aunque no lo notes al instante.
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Lief has alot of lessons to learn. They might be positive or negative. A positive lesson give an immediate go ahead but a negative lesson may lead you to stop doing what is neccesary to be done but i encoureage you to never stop learning beacuse out of those lessons success awaits you.
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The moment one stops learning, such an individual is dead because learning is a living process until we die. Each day comes with different lessons for us to learn hence we shouldn't stop learning.
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Never stop learning because life will never stop teaching.

You hear some people after being frastrated saying that i learnt something. Yes, its true that life has alot of lessons to learn. Learbung appears in different forms. It might be in a good way or bad way but the question is have you learnt something? Other people reach at an extent of sitting back after failing. But my friend, the lessons you have learnt from a certain situation can help you make it in another. So never stop learning because this world will never stop teaching you.

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