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One is better than nothing. A bird at hand is better than 1000 in air. For the compasation of the lost loved ones would not be a problem but will they be truly given that 10m each? If so let Gen. Museveni monitor that program by himself than delegating his officials who may end up eating 80% leaving 20% to the affected ones.
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Does the lives of Ugandans worth financial compensation of shs 10 M that's approximately $2777 ?

Gen Museveni and his wife on several occasions have outspoken publicly of compensating the families of fallen Ugandans as a result of their illegal orders given to security operatives while leaving the culprits free for their grip of power. Does Ugandans lives worth financial compensation.

How do you vote?

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It's a no for, there's no money that can buy or rebuild the injuries on the hearts of people who lost their loved one, we should learn to value people's lives because God is the who has the power on our lives and he knows our tomorrow, therefore we should have humanity.
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