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There's time where we need to use our brain wisely by defferentiating where there's a danger and plan to avoid it, after that there's an expected incidents that comes our way where you need help from any one yet in vain but if you believe in God he brings rescue.
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God is tje planner of our lives. He makes our program from the day you are born to the day you die. He knows each and everything that happens to us at anytime and anywhere we go. No one can skip the plan of God to him. God knows what we experince day and night. So anything that happens in our lives its by God's grace.
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Whatever happens to us in life, is it by God's grace.

Everything in life happens for a reason and there are certain things that happens to us due to God's grace and those happens due to our own making. For example if one messed around and contracts incurable disease such as Aids, is it also by God's grace. People who are lazy on themselves have the illusion of thinking that whatever happens to them in life, it's by God's grace yet there's principles governing everything in life.

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There're some things that happens to us due to God's grace but whatever happens to us, it's due to our own making such as poor planing for example if you have 8 children which needs to receive quality education and depending on where you're, education is costly if each child requires $500 and depending on one's income worth if $5000, would such a person be able to take care of his family. Should we also take that it was due to God's grace to be in such circumstances.
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