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Cavan should be in the first half,then Ronald in the second half in order to win the first position since they play the same number in Manchester
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Manchester United is one of the best teams in the world at large and in premier in particular. Manchester right now is maintaining its cleansheet in premier league but it is due to Christiano Ronaldo's coming back. If the team buys some defenders, it will end up taking premier league this season.
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For Manchester United to get the first position in the English Premier league this season

For Manchester United to grab the first position it must balance it's players such as Ronaldo and Cavani because they play the same number . When they do that they shall grab the first position .And the should buy more defenders to keep their clean sheets hence acquiring the first position in the league

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As per now,United can't grab the first position because it has lost many games as compared to the there four teams. It could be some players don't want to play for United because when u look at there form.and even they lack a coach.

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Manchester United can't really make the first position in this season because it has lost many matches so far. Other teams like Chelsea and Liverpool has good management and has won many matches so far!
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