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Too bad that even now Ethiopians, Sudanese and Egyptians are fighting for this river! They’re forgetting and some of the foolish people don’t know where is the source itself.
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Indeed sometimes we are being lied to the extent of being fooled. Actually we took so long to refuse this foolishness. How comes Johnspeke discovered river Nile!!!
How could we accept this lie and teach to our children? The good thing is that in this new generation we don't expect this blinding can happen because people are now more aware than before.
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Is it true that the source of the nile was discovered by john speke.

The source of river nile is found in jinja and history says it was discovered by john argument is that he was the first European to reach the source of the nile.
Before john came this river had a name called kiyira and if it wasn't discovered how did it get that name. The same river have bujagali falls where bujagali stayed and did his rituals. I think we should correct some information not in bad faith but to say the truth.

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